Competitive Intelligence

At Siskin Capital, we have developed sophisticated analytical tools that help you in keeping track of your competition.

Our analysts keep a constant competitor watch by monitoring market trends, R&D pipeline analysis and patent portfolio analysis.

Siskin Capital helps you with an in-depth qualitative analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and relative values of the patents in a patent portfolio, both collectively and individually.

Patent/Technology Landscaping

Siskin Capital is able to undertake a complete picture of competitive patent landscape, identifying which other patent owners are relevant for your business. We are able to categorize patents by technology, develop a searchable database of these patents and derive key insights through graphs and charts.

Patent Watch

At Siskin Capital, our analysts support the R&D Head in tracking the specific R&D of a particular domain, saving time and removing the obligation for an individual to try to keep track of the many new research papers published daily.

Our analysts run a number of strategic searches that yield core relevant results. We manually read through these results to provide an additional filter, thereby shortlisting the most relevant and precise R&D alerts.

Freedom to Operate

A thorough freedom to operate search ensures that there are no potential legal roadblocks to deal with when first taking a product to market.

At Siskin Capital, we support you by identifying a comprehensive list of potentially harmful patents and look to map the claims of these to the key features of the new product – to highlight potential areas of infringement. We also include valuable information about the legal status of the patents, especially applications that are in prosecution stage.

Evidence of Use

Claim charts provide the technical evidence required to demonstrate the litigation quality profile and strength of a particular patent. At Siskin Capital, we generate claims charts for all the assets we take to market, providing crucial support to the patent technical quality and value. We have access to a wide range of technical experts and so are ideally placed to generate claims charts materials for any technology sector.

Through our claims chart work, we analyse your IP and identify the most relevant products in the market, highlighting both who the key infringers are and what the infringing products are.